How to

Make Money

Did you ever think you could make some extra money off of a hobby like a dollsite? Well you can. I will only list things that have worked for me, and that I personally know are not scams. Be carefull with other money making places, most of them are scams and just want to gain more hits for money for themselves.
Pay Pop Up
They give you money to put popups on your site. You decide where to place the popups and how many you want up. They will pay you through Paypal or by check in mail. You can switch every so pay this way you have money in your hand and money online. ;) I made hundreds of dollars off this company, and I love it. They have fast customer service, and help me with any problems I come across. You should have a nice site first though, and try to draw visitors to your website, because the more hits you get the more money.
Working For People
I myself get IMs here and there from people asking to make them stuff in exchange for cash, or install/fix scripts. If you learn a decent amount of coding you can get money too. Just becarefull, and don't trust just anyone. I would recommend you tell them to give you half the money before you make the graphic or whatever and then half at the end... if you really don't trust them say they need to pay first.
If you get a decent amount of hits you can put up a form for advertising. Most people will buy advertising if you get over atleat 900 hits a day. Don't make the prices to high, or people will think you are crazy, lol. Or you can always have them offer you a price.